11 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Begin an Inspection on Construction Sites:

  1. How large is the project?
  2. What phase of development is the project in?
  3. Are there hazardous materials or waste fluids stored on site?
  4. Are there IDS stored on site?
  5. Does the project include concrete pouring?
  6. How is the rainfall being tracked?
  7. What is the protocol followed when a rain event is anticipated?
  8. Are there any critical or sensitive areas?
  9. How does stormwater enter and leave the site?
  10. Will there be dewatering activities? If so, where is the discharge?
  1. What type of permit(s) are required for this project?

These questions relate to the CONSTRUCTION & DEVELOPMENT effluent guidelines, federal guidelines, ALL states and U.S. Territories incorporate into their construction general permit.

An understanding of the effluent guidelines and permit language is a REQUIREMENT in order to be a “QUALIFIED INSPECTOR.”









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